19 May 2018

A video streaming service for private or professional use

Use Cases
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Making a live video doesn’t necessarily mean public broadcasting and/or social networks. Indeed, Vodalys.Studio puts at your disposal all its services and capacities… for more restricted, private broadcasts.

A real internal service for your meetings, conferences & reviews

When is it interesting to use a service to broadcast a live video in private?

A general assembly is a good example: many employees meet, sometimes after weeks of organization, and their discussion may concern the whole staff, which is usually not present during this meeting. With the Vodalys.Studio service that provides a private link, everyone who has access to this link can enjoy the meeting… and avoid reading a tedious report! All this, without using social networks to broadcast this meeting.

Other examples of use:

A tool for the general public

However, you don’t need to be a large company to enjoy the benefits of live video broadcasting!

Indeed, if your association is present at a trade show for example, you can let your members or other people who don’t know you yet benefit from it to show your presence live. You are present in a panel of experts during a round table? Show your expertise to the world with a live stream of your presentation!

Why limit your impact locally when you can reach thousands more people online?

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