9 October 2018

Client interview ⎪ With live streaming on social networks, Oxy’Trail goes even further

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On this blog, we will now regularly let our customers speak. What do they get from our live video streaming solution? How do they use it? To inaugurate these interviews, Benoît Ponton from Oxy’Trail is here.

Can you introduce us to Oxy’Trail and what you do there?

Organized by the Communauté d’agglomération Paris – Vallée de la Marne, Oxy’Trail is a sporting event consisting of three races (5, 13 and 23 km) on half-natural and half-urban courses, children’s races and an entertainment village in the Parc de Noisiel in Marne-la-Vallée. With 6,000 participants and 600 volunteers, it is one of the largest trails in France. In 2018, the Oxy’23 km race joined the circuit of the French Cup stages.

I’ve been the organization director since the event’s creation in 2013, so I’m in charge of 360-degree management of the sportsman and the program, communication and promotion, marketing and registration, partnerships, volunteering, logistics, public relations, administration and budget.

How did you hear about Vodalys?

Every year, I do a lot of benchmarking to reinvent each new edition of the Oxy’Trail. Bringing novelty and improvements is our priority. Thus, I travel a lot to trade shows to find innovations. I discovered Vodalys on the Heavent Paris show, which is a great show for events.

Had you tried live video before this?

In 2018, for our 6th edition, it was the first time we did live. Since the 2nd edition, we have a giant 17m2 screen present on our event village. Each year, we make a best of film and a teaser of very good quality. But we were looking for ways to make the giant screen more dynamic, with a limited budget. The live with Vodalys was this solution… The impact on social networks is also a fundamental element.

How do you use Vodalys broadcasting solutions?

With the help of qualified volunteers, we could realize a live via smartphones on the Oxy’Trail village, but also of the course with the runners, broadcasted on the giant screen but also live on Facebook.

What do you think makes Vodalys special?

Two main things: the sympathy and the availability of the team, and the reasonable cost.

What did the live broadcasting of your contents via Vodalys allow you to do? To develop new skills ? Find new partners ?

This live broadcast allowed us to dynamize the life of the village thanks to the broadcasting on the giant screen, by allowing to graft more people at the foot of the podium of the event, where the giant screen is. Thus, it made the awards ceremony more lively. The elected officials of the territory present were very satisfied. On Facebook, the impact in terms of number of views was also significant, whose objective was to make people in front of their screen want to come for the next edition on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

What would you say to someone interested in live video broadcasting who would still hesitate to use Vodalys?

That for a reasonable budget, it’s possible to make live videos as long as you have competent people to ensure the shooting of the images and the necessary equipment.

Thanks to Benoît for his availability! To know more about Oxy’trail, go here.

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