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Credits packs

The cost of using the functionalities of Vodalys.Studio is debited in credits.

For example, if your Vodalys.Studio project formula has an hourly cost of 30 credits / hour and you broadcast 30 minutes, then your portfolio credits will be debited 15 credits.

-You keep the remaining credits for your next live.

-The purchase of credits is offered in packs:

180 credits
216€ HT
1.2€ / credit

Vodalys.Studio projects

Each Vodalys.Studio project template includes the functionalities adapted to your event.
Boost your internal/external communication by live broadcasting your event
60 credits/live broadcasting hour
  • Produce easily a live video stream by mixing multiple video sources : Video Cameras, Smartphone and PowerPoint
  • Secure your broadcast with a backup stream
  • Broadcast your event to a large audience on internet/intranet social networks
  • Communicate to a restricted audience via an interactive video web player
Studio Prod
Increase the range of your live video production services
45 credits/live broadcasting hour
  • Have a cloud-based final virtual production service
  • Mix light video capture devices (smartphone) and more advanced video production solutions (encoders, local control room)
  • Use 4G/5G cell bonding video contribution solutions
  • Use the advanced options of Vodalys.Studio to answer your personalized live video production needs
  • Add graphic layers, titles and scores on your live video stream
  • Broadcast your event to a large audience simultaneously to one or more social networks and on a giant screen

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