12 July 2022

How to make a live with a phone?

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YouTube, Facebook Live, Snapchat or Instagram, the main social platforms all currently offer a feature allowing to broadcast a live video from your smartphone. Live videos have indeed become very popular on the Internet, allowing celebrities to share moments of their life with their fans but also companies to maintain a link with their customers and inform them about their product or service in an interactive way. Live videos, especially on cell phones, have undeniably invaded our daily lives! If you are also interested in using this method for your business, we show you the essentials to make a live with your phone.

Checklist of required equipment

A smartphone with good video quality and storage

Thanks to many technological advances over the past decade, smartphones are now competing with cameras. With an ever-increasing demand, cell phones can benefit from up to five photo sensors on the back and reach a resolution of a hundred megapixels. Enough to make a live video of excellent quality!

Beyond this aspect, if you want to start live streaming with a cell phone, it’s also important to take into account its storage capacity to record your videos and its autonomy to ensure uninterrupted live streaming.

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An external battery or charger to keep your phone on

If you are planning to go on a long live, it’s better to have an external battery or a charger nearby. This will allow you to avoid regularly monitoring your phone’s battery or having a sudden cut-off due to a flat battery!

A tripod or a mobile support to stabilize the image

In order to avoid cramps and to spare your viewers a shaky image, opt for a quality tripod. This applies if the event you are broadcasting live can be captured with a still image. The quality of your tripod will depend on the budget you put into it, and therefore on your needs. The higher you go, the more versatile your equipment will be (smoother panning movements, more advanced settings, etc.).

If you need a mobile camera, selfie poles and other smartphone accessories can help you out. You can handle them by hand or attach them to many objects.

A microphone to ensure sound quality

When you say video, you say sound. The sound quality is indeed essential to capture the attention of your audience in a video. Whether you need ambient sound or to perfectly capture the voice of your speakers, the quality of the microphone is not to be taken lightly!

Microphone, boom, headphones, lapel microphone or Bluetooth… Make sure that the sound you capture with your smartphone is audible, well adjusted and of high quality. We strongly advise against using your phone’s microphone to film yourself as it will generally never provide quality sound.

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Lighting for a beautiful image

Lighting is also very important in a video. Avoid dark areas and backlighting. Your light source can be of good quality without you having to do anything if you capture an event on a stage for example. But sometimes you’ll need an external light source, which can be a softbox if what you’re shooting is stationary, or a flashlight to attach to your phone if your subject is moving.

If you are using a more advanced setup, you can opt for an external monitor to control the quality of your image. Some attach directly to your smartphone and give you a larger, more detailed image.

Kit to own : our recommendation

The company Veo-labs, partner of Vodalys, offers solutions for video capture and production. They offer a complete mobile capture and streaming kit (camera, smartphone, sound, light and other accessories selected by video experts) for any kind of light shooting (interviews, reports, training, business gestures…).

Very easy to use and easy to take in hand in full autonomy, we recommend their kit for its excellent value for money.

Discover the “all in one” mobile capture kit from Veo-labs

 Veostudio Smartphones – Recording and streaming kit for 2 smartphones + light kit – Sound recording by flashlight microphone

Best applications for live streaming

With the high popularity of live streaming, it’s important to choose the right live streaming software or platform for you. Local mixer or cloud, it’s hard to make a choice as there are so many livestream solutions on the market. OBS, vMix, Vodalys… In our article, we show you the best solution for the production and broadcasting of your live show!

Best practices to make your live stand out

Once you have bought your equipment and are ready to use it for your live show, you still have the hard task of getting in front of the camera and, above all, making a success of your video to attract and keep your audience! And that’s good, we give you the 5 main tips to follow to distinguish yourself from other videos in our article!

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