24 December 2018

How to make a successful Twitter / Periscope live with Vodalys.Studio

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After our guide to make a successful YouTube live with Vodalys.Studio, let’s go to one of the most popular social networks: Twitter. How to create a live stream via Periscope / Twitter? Follow the guide…

First step : Vodalys.Studio

To start, go to our website Vodalys.Studio and log in to your account. Then, follow these few steps:

  1. Create a new project,
  2. Go to the space number 3 “Broadcast”,
  3. Select “RTMP”.

Once on this page, you will be asked for two infos: “server URL” and “stream key”. We will now go and get this info from Periscope. Leave this browser tab open and open another one.

Second step : configure your live on Periscope

Periscope works with Twitter, so you’ll need to connect, if you haven’t already done so, to your Twitter account where you want to broadcast your live. You can do this before continuing on Periscope, or do it once in Periscope, which is less convenient.

Once you’re logged into your Twitter account, go to the Periscope website and follow these steps:

  1. Click on your avatar, then “Director.”
  2. If the page is blank, click on “Create a new source”, then “normal source”.
  3. Copy the “Server URL” field, paste it in the Vodalys tab, in the “Server URL” field
  4. Copy the “Stream name / Stream key” field, paste it in the Vodalys tab, in the “stream key” field
  5. Go back to the Vodalys tab, click on “Start Streaming
  6. Go back to Periscope and click on “Preview stream”. This should show you the video stream sent by Vodalys.Studio to Periscope.
  7. You just have to click on “Go Live” to be live on Periscope… and therefore on Twitter!

Congratulations, your live broadcast is now launched!

Making your live broadcast on Vodalys.Studio

Now that you’re live, you can create your broadcast in the Vodalys interface, where you can add text, change the source or send a trailer for example.

If you want to broadcast your live on several Twitter accounts simultaneously, you just have to create several RTMP output channels in the Vodalys.Studio project and repeat the operation.

Get started now on Vodalys.Studio.

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