12 August 2021

How to make a YouTube live with 2 smartphones?

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In this tutorial, we will see how to make a simple Youtube live with several smartphones on Vodalys.Studio.

You have to start by creating the sources to allow you to get the video streams from your smartphones.

Go to the “Sources” tab and click on “Smartphone“.

Then a sub-tab appears, click on “Larix Broadcaster“.

Then you enter the email address of the person whose smartphone you will use and send. Once this email is received on your smartphone, follow the instructions written in it.

You will be asked to download the Broadcaster application. Once it is installed, go to the menu, then to “connection” and “new connection“. You will have to enter in the URL field the url given to you in the email. Advice, give a recognizable name to your source such as: “portrait” or “overview”.

Here is an example of what it will look like on your smartphone :

Repeat the operation with as many smartphones as you want.

Then go to Vodalys.Studio in the Broadcast tab, select the ” RTMP ” output

Once you have created the RTMP output you need to create your YouTube live in your YouTube channel.

In the YouTube live, choose a schedule later than the date of your live 30 minutes before the official start of the live.

Then click on the “use a streaming software” tab

Then schedule your live broadcast

Set up your live stream as you wish: Title, description, thumbnail, date, time, audience, etc.

Then get the “Server URL” and “Stream Key” information from the stream settings page and copy them

Paste its information into the Broadcast rtmp of Vodalys.Studio previously created.

That’s it, your live is configured and so is your Vodalys.Studio project. You just have to launch your live at the chosen time!

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