4 August 2021

How to use the Contributor’s screen source to capture and share my screen live

Use Cases
1 minute
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With this tutorial you will see how to share your screen with Vodalys Studio in order to recover it in your realization.

First, click on the “Source” tab and then on “Desktop/Slides sharing“:

Then, go to “Contributor’s screen

Your new source is created.

At this moment you have two possibilities:

Tip to make it easier, change the title of each of your sources to distinguish them. It is of course possible to have several “Contributor’s screen” sources.

A new tab/window opens to allow you to share what you are interested in.

Once you have chosen the item to share, it will appear in your Vodalys Studio sources.

And that’s it, the split screen is ready to be integrated to your Vodalys Studio project.

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