4 August 2021

How to use the slideshow to share your slides and allow multiple contributors to have control over the scrolling?

Use Cases
3 minutes
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In this tutorial you will see how to create a “Slideshow” source in Vodalys.Studio and understand how it works in order to share your slides and control them.

In your Vodalys.Studio project, go to the “Sources” tab and choose the “Desktop/slide sharing” source.

Then select the “Slideshow” source.

Your “Slideshow” source is created. It is now time to upload your slides directly to the platform. To do this, go back to your PPT or other file and save the whole thing in jpg or png format.

Be careful, once your slides are saved as an “image” your animations will no longer exist. If you want to keep your animations, choose the “Contributor’s Screen” source (click here to see the tutorial).

Tip: to make it easier, change the title of each of your sources to distinguish them. It is of course possible to have several “Slideshow” sources.

Your slides are now loaded in your “Slideshow” source (you can delete them and reload new slides at any time if modifications are needed on the original file).

For the control of these slides, three possibilities:

For the control of these slides, the tab is in this form.

It’s now possible from this tab to control your slides, either with the arrows on the screen or with the arrows on your keyboard.

Please note that all controllers are synchronized. In this sense, if one of them moves to the next slide, it will be the case for all. In the case of a PowerPoint with several people, it is therefore advisable to stop at the end of one’s part and let the next person take control of his or her part.

A “viewer” tab is also available, allowing you to see where the slides are at. This one, as for the controller, is available either by opening the tab directly from the source or by sending a link by email.

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