15 June 2022

Navigation link added in the Vodalys Player Pro in embed mode

3 minutes
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The Vodalys “Player Pro” has a new feature! You can now add a multi-stream or multi-language navigation link in the embed mode of your project, ideal to switch more easily between languages or rooms in the player of your live event.

Back to the Player Pro

The Player Pro of Vodalys.Studio allows you to create and manage an interface with your image in a professional, secure and simple way towards a large audience. It’s presented as a mini video broadcasting site customizable according to your desires and is composed of two pages:

More information about the Player Pro

Adding a navigation link: procedure to follow

To add one or more navigation links to your project, follow these steps:

1.           Log in to your Vodalys.Studio account.

2.           Select the “Players projects” family and click on “Player pro” .

3.           Choose the “Production Project” source and select your project from the list.

4.           Go to the “Players” tab on the left menu and add an “Embed Player” .

5.           In the “Settings” tab of your right window, scroll down to the “NAVIGATION” section, then activate the “ENABLE” button.

6.           In the “Link label” box, choose the name of your link. For example, type “French” as part of a navigation language.

Repeat this procedure as many times as there are languages or rooms in your event by clicking on the “+ Add player” tab.

Your event page is now accessible in several languages or in several rooms via a simple navigation link!

Ask a free demo to the Vodalys team

You have a professional event broadcasting project and want to know more about Vodalys’ Player Pro ? Contact our team via the form below to get a demo and share your needs for customized and accurate solutions. (Please refresh the page if the form doesn’t appear)

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