19 April 2022

New design of the Vodalys.Studio platform

3 minutes
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The Vodalys.Studio platform is getting a makeover! More modern, more intuitive and more powerful, this visual and ergonomic redesign has been thought to offer you the best possible customer experience. We tell you more in our article.

A new black visual, more modern and sober

Over the last few years, Vodalys has been striving to continuously adapt its offer to meet your ever-changing requirements. Therefore, we felt it was time to redesign the look of our platform Vodalys.Studio and to better clarify our different solutions. After several weeks of reflection, discussion and creation of mock-ups, we are delighted to announce that the new design of our platform is operational! The main goal of this redesign is to offer you the best possible customer experience.

The old blue-green background of the Vodalys.Studio platform, in reference to the colors of the “V” in the Vodalys logo, has been replaced by a variation of black.

Result of a well thought strategy combining symbolism and visual comfort for the user, the choice of the black color is consistent with the image and the ideas we want to convey: a greater modernity and sobriety.

More modern but also more ergonomic

In addition to the redesign of the visual identity, the ergonomics of the platform has also been reviewed to facilitate the user’s path. The production and broadcasting functionalities can now be used separately or combined:

Each type of project now has an interface better adapted to its functionality. The navigation menu is better constructed, better organized and easier to access.

Test the new interface by yourself !

More ergonomic, powerful, modern, we wanted this new version of our platform to be the most accessible and simplest for everyone. Your expectations and needs are at the heart of our considerations and we wanted to answer them with this new design.

We hope you will like the new Vodalys.Studio platform. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback, your opinion is precious!

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