9 June 2022

A new offer ” Player Pro China ” is available on Vodalys.Studio!

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A new offer “Player Pro China” is available on Vodalys.Studio in the “Players Projects” family. You can now create and manage a professional, secure and simple video broadcasting interface for China!

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The Player Pro of Vodalys.Studio allows you to create and manage an interface in a professional, secure and simple way towards a large audience. It’s presented as a mini video broadcasting site customizable according to your desires and is composed of two pages:

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Player Pro China : broadcast your live to Chine with peace of mind

Whether a company is planning to broadcast an internal event to its employees in China or a brand wants to reach its Chinese customers, the need to broadcast a live event to China is increasingly important.

However, if the main CDNs on which the retransmission of video content in streaming is based at a global scale already allow to broadcast in the whole world or almost, as for example the Akamai CDN, these mainly American solutions don’t have servers in China and consequently, the streams broadcasted through these solutions are very often blocked in China.

To answer this problem and the high demand, we have created the “China Pro Player” on Vodalys.Studio. This new offer enriches the experience of the Player Pro by integrating a CDN specially adapted for broadcasting in China.

Broadcasting your live stream to China has never been so easy with Vodalys!

Ask a free demo to the Vodalys team

You have a professional event broadcasting project in China and want to know more about Vodalys’ Player Pro China? Contact our team via the form below to get a demo and share your needs for customized and accurate solutions. (Please refresh the page if the form does not appear)

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