23 June 2022

OBS, vMix, Vodalys: local or cloud mixer, which app should you choose for the production and broadcasting of your live streaming?

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With the high popularity of live streaming, it’s important to choose the right live streaming software or platform for you. Local mixer or cloud, it’s hard to make a choice as there are so many livestream solutions on the market. OBS, vMix, Vodalys… We show you in this article the best app for the production and broadcasting of your live!

Local or cloud mixer, what to choose?

Unlike the local mixer, which is accessible via downloadable software and whose files are located directly on your computer, the cloud mixer allows you to store and edit all your video files online. In other words, with a cloud platform, your live streaming production can be done on a remote server. All you need is a good Internet connection and a screen.

Convenient, secure and flexible, an online video mixer platform is radically different from local software in terms of computing resources and has several advantages:

What are the best live streaming production apps available?

Your choice is made between local and cloud-based mixers? With the multiplication of software and online platforms for livestreaming, there is still one tricky step: choosing THE solution among the many offers available on the market. We have listed the three best live streaming production platforms for you:

OBS Studio – The free software

OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is a free open-source live streaming software. It has all the required features and a large number of settings to enable effective live video streaming.

Even though the software is not easy to learn for a beginner, it’s still very popular among consumers due to its freeware, simple interface and various features.

vMix – The local mixer for professional use

vMix has been specially designed for professional use. Known to be one of the most advanced software for live broadcasting on PC, it has a wide range of parameters: bandwidth, calibration, cropping… vMix has the particularity of having 6 versions, each one at a different price and with additional features depending on the level.

Quite complex to learn, the software is nevertheless very stable and has a very professional interface.

Vodalys.Studio – The simplest and most effective online solution

Vodalys.Studio is an Internet platform offer, and associated “premium” services, to operate in a simple and efficient way professional video retransmissions of events on the Internet in live or VOD.

Its very intuitive interface allows beginners to start without difficulty. Produce your event in a “TV show” format (jingle, overlay, dual stream template, graphic design …), customize your interface to your image/brand and broadcast to a large audience anywhere in the world simply and efficiently. You can easily invite a speaker in your live and broadcast your video live on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. No need to have a powerful computer, Vodalys manages everything for you!

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