5 May 2022

Player Pro Vodalys.Studio : create and manage a “premium” broadcast interface

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2 minutes
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Recently launched on the Vodalys.Studio platform, the Player Pro offer allows you to create and manage in a simple, secure and professional way a “premium” video broadcasting interface. Big brother of the Vodalys “Conference” offer, the Player Pro offers you the possibility to customize your broadcasting page to your image and to broadcast to a large audience all over the world. Take a look at its features.

Player Pro, what is that ?

The Player Pro of Vodalys.Studio allows you to create and manage an interface in a professional, secure and simple way towards a large audience. It’s presented as a mini site of video broadcasting customizable according to your desires and is composed of two pages:

Complete and advanced functionalities

Small or large company, the Player Pro meets your needs for live broadcasting or replay thanks to its many features:

  • Customization of the ergonomics and graphics of the broadcast page in a few clicks,

  • Creation of an “airlock” page with an authentication form,

  • Declination of the interface in several “channels”, in multi-languages and in multi-rooms,

  • Real-time monitoring of statistics and global audience with aggregation of stats according to the different broadcast channels,

  • Automatic switching between live and VOD mode,

  • Integration of a very high level broadcast CDN,

  • Low latency,

  • Broadcasting to a large and international audience,

  • Possible interaction : questions/answers.

A video is better than words…

In this video, we show you how to create a Vodalys project with the Player Pro.

Video also available in French (click here)

Ask a free demo to the Vodalys team

You have a professional event broadcasting project and want to know more about Vodalys Player Pro? Contact our team through the form below to get a demo and share your needs for personalized and accurate solutions. (Please refresh the page if the form does not appear)

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