25 September 2019

Rebroadcast your game? Nothing could be easier with Vodalys Studio!

Use Cases
2 minutes
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Recently, Vodalys Studio allowed the broadcasting of the final of the French Ultimate Frisbee championships in Royan (also visible on Facebook here).

If you also want to broadcast your sporting events, nothing could be easier! Here is the material used for this kind of event:

Using smartphones as field equipment

For this event, our equipment was limited to :

  1. A mobile smartphone on stabilizer for close-ups
  2. A smartphone with stabilizer for wide shots
  3. A smartphone with microphones for the commentators

And finally, a laptop for the production. And that’s all! All our equipment fit in a doc bag.

Then we went to the Vodalys Studio platform where we created a Sport project with three smartphone sources. We only used Android phones, with the Larix Broadcaster application. On Vodalys Studio, you just have to create a smartphone source “Larix Broadcaster”. Enter the phone user’s email and all the setup will be detailed in the email. Once the configuration is done on the phone, just start the streaming. On the Vodalys Studio side, each source has a feedback screen to make sure that it is well received. In a second step, you can then choose which source to display.

Once on site, we arranged ourselves as follows:

Distribution of cameras around the field

The fact of using the 4G connections of the smartphones allows a total freedom of movement on the field, which is very appreciable.

On the Vodalys Studio side, we still have to set up the Scoring and to create the Broadcasts, that is to say, to choose the platforms to which we want to broadcast our stream. (Facebook, Youtube…)

And that’s it! It’s as simple as that.

To summarize, our installation will have taken us about 15 minutes. And once the game was over, we were packed in 5 minutes.

We wanted to keep it simple but it’s also possible to use more sophisticated equipment for better quality. The only thing we missed was slow motion. But we are currently working on it. We will keep you informed via the blog as soon as this feature is implemented.

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