16 April 2018

Succeed easily with your live video with Vodalys.Studio

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Live streaming is nowadays a simple process to set up: most social networks offer this feature. With a click (or two), you can broadcast a live video to your friends or to all your subscribers. But did you know that with Vodalys.Studio, you can organize and improve your broadcast with a minimum of preparation?

Prepare your live broadcast

Broadcasting live is an exercise that requires a bit of attention (your viewers are watching you!), but now you don’t need a control truck and an army of camera operators! Vodalys.Studio simplifies the simultaneous broadcast of your video, but some ideas can help you improve your broadcast:

Events, sports, influencers… organize your broadcast on several networks!

Local event, sport association, festival opening or animation of your Youtube channel; with Vodalys.Studio you only need to connect a smartphone or a camera to our interface to broadcast live with the Studio offer: one video source but up to 5 connected social platforms.

With Studio Prod, it’s the multi-stream that offers itself to you: your live production 100% dynamic with 5 possible video sources and additional features to enrich your broadcast and offer a real added value content live!

For your large-scale projects or those requiring specific needs for your live shows, contact our team.

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