18 April 2018

The advantages of live video for your communication

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Live video is invading the web and social networks: on Facebook, live videos get 10 times more comments and are watched 3 times longer than other videos. The emergence of applications such as Snapchat and Periscope testify to this demand for real-time communication.

Dynamic and focused communication

Broadcasting a live video means knowing how to adapt to the uses of social networks and their audiences; translating its dynamism not only in terms of identity, of “lifestyle” but also in terms of communication: relaying events in real time means adopting a will of transparency (without editing). Live video is therefore a way for brands and companies to show dynamism and adaptation while reinforcing the confidence of its community with a possibility of increasing it.

Indeed, the live video is an undeniable solution to extend its visibility. It guarantees an instantaneous presence during the event and encourages reactions (interactions) from connected Internet users through the broadcast. And although ephemeral, this moment has a second life after the stream itself: it will always be available on your pages and free to access, always likely to generate shares from fans.

Build up your onsite and connected audiences

In addition to guaranteeing a presence and thus a potential community growth, live video allows you to satisfy people who could not attend the event. It’s therefore a question of establishing a link and maintaining customer relations on a national and why not international level. The live video allows a proximity despite the distance and a communication at two levels. Beyond the work on the event covered, the video accompaniment offers an available and easily accessible content (shareable) for your fans, relatives or partners.

The live video attracts attention, arouses interest and emotion and triggers the desire to interact virtually or physically with the event. Beyond a simple broadcast, encourage your audience to participate! An obvious added value of connected streams is the ability to engage your communities.

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