11 October 2022

The Player Pro integrates the Slido tool!

New features
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More new features for the Vodalys Player Pro! Practical to animate your hybrid event and fun to capture the attention of your audience, the Slido tool is now available for your live video! Follow the steps to insert it in your project.

Back to the Player Pro

The Player Pro of Vodalys.Studio allows you to create and manage an interface with your image in a professional, secure and simple way towards a large audience. It’s presented as a mini video broadcasting site customizable according to your desires and is composed of two pages:

More information about the Player Pro

Adding the Slido tool

Slido, Cisco‘s interactivity platform, allows you to engage the audience of your live event with several interactivity services (polls, quizzes, word clouds…).

Practical to animate your live event, fun to capture the attention of your audience and easy to use, the Slido tool is now available on the Vodalys Player Pro! Follow the guide:

  1. Register first on slido.com and create your form. Once done, copy its URL.
  2. Login to your Vodalys.Studio account.
  3. Select the “Players projects” project family and click on “Player pro“.
  4. Go to “Interactivity” on the left menu and click on the “Slido” module.
  5. Paste the URL of your form into the “Slido event URL” box.
  6. Preview your survey and make any necessary adjustments directly from Slido.
Overview of the Slido tool
Integration of Slido on the Vodalys platform
Visual rendering on your Vodalys live

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