9 July 2018

Top 10 accessories for my video capture

4 minutes
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Successful video capture is within the reach of anyone who is organized… and who has the good accessories for his camera! To help you succeed in your broadcast, here is a selection of 10 essential accessories for a successful video capture… even with your smartphone!

For a stable image

The tripod: to avoid cramps and spare your viewers a shaky image, opt for a quality tripod. This applies if the event you are broadcasting live can be captured with a still image. The quality of your tripod will depend on the budget you put into it, and therefore on your needs. The higher the price, the more versatile the equipment will be (smoother panoramic movements, more advanced settings, etc.). Expect to pay around 100 euros for a good quality Manfrotto tripod (the reference), like this model, to which you can even add a mobile support.

The mobile support: if you need a mobile camera, the “selfie sticks” and other accessories for smartphones can help you out. The reference for mobile (and even DSLR) cameras are the Gorillapods, which can be handled by hand or attached to many objects. You can find good quality ones for less than 50 euros. There are also motorized mounts (to stabilize the image), like this model that we recommend.

For a quality sound

The microphone: we talked about it in this article, the sound is very important! You will also find in the article a selection of microphones. Whether you need ambient sound or to perfectly capture the voice of your speakers, the quality of the microphone is not to be taken lightly! If you are looking for a quality HF microphone, this Rode model is interesting. And if you want to connect a microphone directly to your smartphone, this Rode model is interesting. And if you want to connect a microphone directly to your smartphone, this mini-jack adapter is very useful.

Headphones: to ensure that the sound you get from your camera is audible, well-tuned and of good quality, you’ll need headphones to listen to it. From your smartphone headphones to studio headphones, again you have a choice depending on your budget. For a good quality headset, count at least 100 euros (in the brands Audio-Technica or Sennheiser for example).

For a good picture

The monitor: if you are using a more advanced configuration, you can opt for an external monitor to control the quality of your image. Some of them are fixed directly on your camera and allow you to enjoy a larger and more detailed image. The first models are between 100 and 300 euros.

Light: your light source can be of good quality without you having to do anything if you capture an event on a stage for example. But sometimes you will need an external light source, which can be a softbox (from about thirty euros) if what you are filming is fixed, or a torch to attach to your camera if your subject is moving (from about twenty euros).

To ensure the live broadcast

Video capture box and laptop: because what you film must be retransmitted! The video acquisition box allows your computer to directly manage the video flow that it will have to retransmit via Vodalys.Studio. The acquisition boxes can be found from a hundred euros.

For transport and security

The backup battery and the charger: whether it is an external USB battery to recharge your smartphone on the fly, or additional batteries for your DSLR, never forget that the risk of cutting your broadcast because of a dead battery is always there!

The carrying bag: there are all kinds of carrying bags for audiovisual equipment and the one you choose should be adapted to your needs. How many cameras are you carrying? How many microphones? It’s up to you to define all of this so that you can transport your equipment safely and without breaking your back!

Got it? You have everything you need? Start broadcasting now on Vodalys.Studio!

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