24 August 2021

How can I use the Vodalys Studio Zoom source to broadcast my live video conference?

Case study
1 minute
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At this step, we consider that you have already created your project in Vodalys Studio. To know which type of project to choose according to your needs, go to this article: How to create my project in Vodalys Studio?

Step 1/ Choose the source

Click on the SOURCES tab, then on Video conference.

Choose Zoom

Step 2/ Link your Zoom meeting to Vodalys Studio

In the Settings section, enter the code of your Zoom meeting in the Meeting ID box and the secret code of your meeting in the Meeting Password box. Once filled in, don’t forget to check “Enable” to activate the link.

Wait a few seconds, your zoom meeting is now connected to the Vodalys Studio control panel.

Step 3/ Enrich your videoconference in Vodalys Studio

You can now enrich your Zoom videoconference by clicking on the Studio tab.

You are ready to broadcast your videoconference via Vodalys Studio.

You can start streaming !

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