30 June 2018

Vodalys.Studio 1/2 How to connect your video sources (Tutorial)

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2 minutes
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Welcome to the world of Vodalys.Studio. After registering on our platform, here are some tips to organize your future live, starting with the connection of your video sources.

Smartphone sources; Use the video captured with your smartphone, your webcam or broadcast your computer screen

Turning your smartphone into a live production camera: it’s not a revolution but a real evolution for live video! With an easy handling, and a possibility to be in the heart of the events, close or not to the director of your live, here is how to connect in a few seconds:

Professional sources: encoder / camera

If you have a video encoder, connected to your video/camera control room, you can easily integrate the live video contribution stream from the encoder into your Vodalys.Studio project:

Webcam / screencast sources

There are two options if you want to use your computer to feed your Vodalys.Studio project with video sources: the face camera (webcam), or the screen (screencast). A tab will open on your computer to monitor each of these two sources.

File sources

A last important option is possible: you can propose a content already ready to be published: a trailer, a waiting video or a video subject produced before your live show. In this case, it is very easy to upload your file (in mp4 format) on the Vodalys.Studio interface to broadcast it at the right time.

It’s a simple way to save time during the live broadcast (no more source manipulation in the middle of the live broadcast), and to avoid blanks to launch a file on your computer!

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