30 July 2018

Vodalys.Studio 2/2 : How to make your live (Tutorial)

Case study
2 minutes
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Once your video sources are configured, you can access the essential functions of the platform by accessing the “Studio” screen of your project, to produce your live broadcast like a pro. Guided tour…

Select which video source is sent to your final live video stream

The Studio screen first allows you to choose the final template of your live video (layout).

You can choose a template consisting of a single video stream or several. For example, with the “Picture in Picture” template, which allows you to embed one video stream in another, or the “American plan” template, which allows you to have a speaker + computer screen format.

You can also choose among your video sources the one you want to broadcast on your final live stream.

For example, you can select a “file” video source to play a trailer of your event (or an advertisement), then switch to your live camera feed.

Another example, if you are capturing a video with 3 smartphones, you can make a mini production by switching from one stream to another, by a simple click in the interface…

Enrich your final live video stream

A live video stream is an opportunity to communicate with the audience through an information-rich format. Beyond the management of images and streams, Vodalys.Studio offers you to enrich your live video stream with overlays directly in the video stream (layers). You can notably :

These additional elements are to be added per source: you can thus adjust each source with additional details.

For more information and custom offers, please contact our team!

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