16 Octobre 2023

Vodalys launches “Request to Speak” function


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Vodalys Request to speak function

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Vodalys launches « Request to Speak » functionality on its live streaming platform, enhancing corporate communication

Rennes, Paris – October 16th 2023 – Vodalys, a world-leading provider of Event Live Streaming Platforms for corporate communication, is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of its revolutionary « Request to Speak » functionality. This feature empowers attendees to actively engage with speakers during virtual corporate events by requesting to join the speakers on webcam and ask questions. Vodalys’ advanced moderation process ensures a seamless and controlled interaction between speakers and attendees, further enhancing the virtual event experience.
In today’s digital landscape, corporate communication has evolved, and virtual events have become essential for businesses to connect with their audience. Vodalys continues to pioneer the way in which these virtual events are conducted, making them more interactive, engaging, and impactful.
The key features of the « Request to Speak » functionality are the following:

  • Webcam Interaction: Attendees can now seamlessly request to join speakers on webcam during live sessions, allowing for real-time face-to-face interactions and dynamic Q&A sessions.
  • Moderation Process: Vodalys’ advanced moderation process ensures that all attendee requests are carefully reviewed. Event organizers have the flexibility to accept or reject these requests, guaranteeing a safe and controlled environment for speakers and attendees.
  • Enhanced Engagement: This feature encourages active participation from attendees, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating a more immersive event experience.

Commenting on this exciting development, Dominique Henninot, CEO of Vodalys, stated, « We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the ‘Request to Speak’ functionality in our Event Live Streaming Platform. This feature addresses a growing need in the corporate communication landscape for more interactive and engaging virtual events. With the ability for attendees to join speakers on webcam and ask questions, we believe this feature will revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audiences. »

The « Request to Speak » feature is now accessible to all Vodalys clients.

About Vodalys:
Vodalys (www.vodalys.com) offers a comprehensive live streaming platform composed of a cloud-based video studio and a professional web video portal.
The solution empowers corporate hybrid events experience thanks to a complete set of advanced and unique features. It allows organizations to easily create and stream attractive live branded video contents, raise their brands awareness and significantly increase their audience engagement.
The solution is deployed by the most prestigious brands worldwide and many major public organizations for their internal or public events.
Vodalys is headquartered in Paris and has an office in Rennes, France.