A pay per use pricing

Adapted to your event activity

About Vodalys

Pay only when you go Live !

  • Offline works are not charged.
  • Pay by Vodalys Credits
  • Cost in Credits per hour depends on your project type and the features that are used. This cost is indicated when you configure your project in a way you keep control of your budget.


If your Vodalys project has a cost of 30 Credits per hour and you’re live with Vodalys for 30 minutes, then your Credits wallet will be charged of 15 Credits.

You keep the remaining Credits for your next live events.


starting 1,2€

How to buy Vodalys Credits ?

You can add Credits to your Vodalys wallet in 2 ways:

By purchasing a pack of credits directly online
180 credits pack at 216 € HT

By using a “voucher” code provided by your organization or by a Vodalys business partner