Vodalys Player

Event Video Portal

Vodalys Player

Your Corporate Event Video Portal

Unlock the value of your virtual or hybrid event with an engaging and branded on-line experience

Features that engage your audience

Branded Video Player

Customize your event landing page and embed a video player

  • Customize your event dedicated landing page to fit its visual identity and embed the video player
  • Support multi-language streams and let your audience select its preferred language during your international events
  • Propose a selection of multi-angle views for a better remote immersion into the event
  • Give access to the live streams and to the on-demand video files
Vodalys Player Branding


Make your audience actively participate and optimize its engagement

  • Questions and answers, chat, quizzes, live polls, questionnaires and word clouds…
  • Make your event more dynamic with interactive features designed to engage your participants
Vodalys Player interactivity

Managed Event Access

Secure the privacy of your event and limit the access of your content to your community

  • Set-up a whitelist of authorized emails or,
  • Customize the portal with a registration form to control the access to your live event or the on-demand files
  • Measure the performance of your live event to drive your strategy thanks to detailed real-time analytics.
Vodalys Player access

Secured Video Delivery

Deliver your audience the best video experience

  • Deliver low latency and multi quality live video streams and give the best experience to your audience
  • Leverage the world’s leading live streaming CDNs technology and secure your video delivery worldwide.
  • Deliver high quality live video in China Mainland with ICP licence & specialized CDN
  • Reduce the required bandwidth for internal video communication by taking advantage of eCDN peer to peer technology while keeping the video quality experience at its best
  • Secure your content delivery with a fully redundant link
Vodalys Player & CDN / eCDN
Vodalys European Parliament quote

We were able to have a complete branded and secured portal for our event in just a few clicks

Liza P.
– Communication Manager