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About Vodalys


VODALYS (the “Company”) publishes and makes available the websites and (the “Website(s)”) to any professional user (the “User”) for the purpose of streaming various live events via the platform accessible at the following address: (the “Vodalys.Studio Platform”).

Your rights and obligations under the use of the Vodalys.Studio Platform are governed by the Company’s current general terms of service, available on said Platform (the “GTS”).

The protection of your personal data is fundamental to the Company. It ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data by implementing the necessary means to guarantee their protection, integrity, availability and security.

It is within this framework that the Websites’ privacy policy has been drafted (hereinafter, the “Privacy Policy”).  


  1. Purpose of the Privacy policy
  2. Collection of your Personal Data
  3. Collection of User Data
  4. Collection of Browsing Data
  5. Use of your Personal Data
  6. Sharing Personal Data
  7. Sending offers and information
  8. Data storage
  9. Information and exercising your rights
  10. Security and protection of Personal Data
  11. Localization of Personal Data
  12. Modification of the Privacy Policy
  13. Contacting the Company
  14. Data Processor


1.1. Definitions

All capitalized terms in the Privacy Policy that are not specifically defined herein shall have the meaning given to them in the GTS accepted by the User.

For the purposes of the Privacy Policy, the following capitalized terms shall have the following definitions:

“Content”: means any audiovisual content provided or published by Users on the Vodalys.Studio Platform (e.g. live events).  

“Personal Data”: means any information that directly or indirectly identifies you.  Common examples include: name, username, phone number, photograph, date of birth, city of residence.

“Services”: means all the services provided by the Company to the Users, in particular on the Vodalys.Studio Platform, namely:

“User Account”: means the User’s personal account, which they use to access their user space on the Vodalys.Studio Platform.

1.2. Scope of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy applies to the Company’s policy regarding the collection and use of your Personal Data when browsing and using the Websites and/or Services.

This document explains the origin and nature of the data the Company collects, the reason for their collection, the way the Company uses your data and your rights regarding the data in accordance with Law No.78-17 of January 6, 1978, known as the French Data Protection Act, as amended, and EU Regulation No.2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data known as “GDPR”, (hereinafter jointly, the “Applicable Regulations”).

The Privacy Policy is important both to ensure that you have a positive and reliable experience when browsing the Websites or using the Services and to allow us to accurately and completely answer your queries concerning the collection and use of your Personal Data.

The Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party websites to which you may be redirected when using the Websites and Services, including networks and social media on which the User may share Content or on which the Company has created an account (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Zoom).  We recommend that you refer to the legal notices and privacy policies of these third-party websites.  

By using the Websites, you acknowledge that you fully understand and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy.  


2.1. Obtaining your consent.

To achieve the purposes listed in Article 5 of the Privacy Policy, the Company may create a file with your Personal Data sent when creating a User Account, when filling in the contact form on one of the Websites, when using the chatbot and/or when using the Services.

You hereby acknowledge the terms and conditions applied by the Company when processing your Personal Data.

You may express your prior and express consent to the collection and processing of your Personal Data by the Company, when using the Websites, creating a User Account, submitting the contact form, using the chatbot and/or the Services in accordance with the terms of the Applicable Regulations (in particular by means of check boxes).

You acknowledge that the Company may process Personal Data for the performance of an agreement signed between you and the Company, to exercise a legitimate interest or under a legal obligation, without requiring you to express your prior consent.

The legal framework under which the Company processes your data is detailed in Article 5 “Use of your Personal Data”.

2.2. Your Personal Data

The Company may collect the following Personal Data directly from you, when you create a User Account, fill in contact forms, use the chatbot or the Services, by e-mail or by postal mail, in particular:

When we collect Personal Data through our forms, we indicate mandatory Personal Data by a (*) in front of the box to be completed in the form or by any other device.

You hereby acknowledge that the processing of such Personal Data is required in particular for the performance of our contractual obligations arising from the GTS.


This data relates to your use of the Websites and Services and includes information such as the features you use and the frequency and duration of your activities on the Website.

We may collect information from the devices (such as computers, phones, tablets or other devices) which you use to access the Websites, depending on the authorizations you have granted and your settings. This information may, for example, include your IP address, device identification number, browser and software specifications (e.g. operating system type and version or language setting).


Browsing data is collected by installing cookies and other identifiers on your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and includes in particular:

When browsing the Websites, a control panel is displayed and gives you the possibility to consult the purposes of cookies or other identifiers and to configure your choices regarding your consent or refusal to install cookies or other identifiers.

You can also configure the settings of your terminal or your Internet browser for the installation of cookies or other identifiers.


The Personal Data that the Company collects directly or indirectly from you, in particular when you create a User Account, use the Websites, fill in a contact form, use the chatbot or the Services, may be processed for the following purposes:

Performing the agreement with the Company Legal framework Personal Data categories
– Provision of the Services agreed especially upon the current GTS
– Provision of Websites maintenance services
– User Account administration
– Payment transaction management
– Accounting operations and tax obligations. 
– Legal obligation
– Performance of an agreement
– Legitimate interest.
– Contact information and titles
– Bank details
– Website and Service usage data
– Photographs/videos.
Carrying out “customer management” operations relating to: Legal framework Personal Data categories
– Your requests (e.g. request for information or quotation, in particular via the contact form or the chatbot)
– Provision of the Services agreed especially upon the current GTS
– Monitoring “customer relations” (such as satisfaction surveys, claim management, etc.).
– Performance of an agreement
– Legitimate interest (business transactions).
– Contact information and titles
– Website and Service usage data.
Improving your User experience on the Websites Legal framework Personal Data categories
– Management of your requests for access to your Personal Data, correction and opposition
– Management of your reviews and questions regarding the Services and the Websites (as well as the content/services made available through the Websites)
– Identification of the User when using the Websites and, if necessary, adapting the Websites and the contents which they disseminate (I) to the characteristics which you have entered yourself and of which the Company may be aware and (II) to your previous browsing history of which the Company may be aware, as the case may be
– Website use statistics processing
– Enabling you to enjoy a number of additional services (such as receiving a newsletter, etc.).
– Legal obligation
– Performance of an agreement
– Legitimate interest.
– User Account registration data
– Website and Service usage data
– Browsing data.
Managing third party requests: Legal framework Personal Data categories
– Receipt of applications
– Receipt of partnership requests.
User consent – Contact information and titles
– Curriculum vitae and cover letter.

The Company does not sell your Personal Data to its partners or third party service providers.  


The Company ensures the privacy of your Personal Data and restricts its distribution to the recipients listed below:

If the User shares Content with third party websites via the Vodalys.Studio Platform, the User should consult their Personal Data protection policies before sharing any Personal Data.  Whatever the circumstances, the Company shall not be held liable for this reason, on any grounds whatsoever, nor shall it be held accountable for any damage of any nature whatsoever pertaining to the sharing of Content containing Personal Data with these third party websites (e.g. data subject claim, sanctions by the supervisory authority, etc.). For any request for information or complaint relating to the processing of Personal Data by these third party websites, the User must contact the third party website concerned directly and will be solely responsible for the said processing, in particular with regard to the data subjects, in keeping with the terms agreed with the said third party websites, if applicable.  


You may receive direct information from the Company by e-mail or notification via the Websites, regarding the Company’s activities or services similar to those we have provided to you in connection with your registration for our Services.

You may express your objection to any new contact at any time, free of charge, via the hypertext link contained in the e-mails sent by the Company or exercise your rights in accordance with the terms of Article 9 “Information and exercising your rights” below.


We retain your Personal Data for as long as you use the Websites, as long as your User Account exists, or as long as necessary to provide you with the relevant Services under the GTS and other agreements you have entered into with the Company.  

For Personal Data used for information purposes or commercial prospecting, we keep them for a period of three (3) years from the end of the business relationship.

You may of course delete your User-Account or unsubscribe from the Company’s mailing lists by exercising your rights as listed below.

If your User Account remains unused for a continuous period of two (2) years, the Company will delete it and any related data, with the exception of data that we are legally required to continue storing. Deletion of your Account will occur thirty (30) days after our notification to you by e-mail, if you have not logged into your User Account in the meantime.

You hereby acknowledge that we only retain your Personal Data in our information system for legitimate administrative, legal and security purposes.

Storage of your data beyond the term specified in Article 5 “Use of your data” may be necessary to carry out your requests to oppose, restrict the processing operations and delete your Personal Data and to comply with any legal, accounting or fiscal obligation to store personal data (in particular for the provision of evidence) or to transfer it to the relevant authorities (administration, police services, etc.).

Throughout the Personal Data storage period, the Company undertakes to maintain a high level of security and privacy of the Personal Data, to restrict access to the data only to authorized persons and not to process it for purposes other than those agreed to herein or in the applicable GTS.  


Pursuant to the Applicable Regulations and in particular to articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR, you have a right to:

In the event of excessive claims, particularly of a repetitive nature, we reserve the right not to follow up any requests for access once we have satisfied one of your requests for access to your Personal Data.

Your requests must be submitted in writing by postal mail or by e-mail sent to the addresses shown below, be signed and enclose a photocopy of an ID document bearing the holder’s signature. The request must specify the address to which the reply should be sent. We are bound to reply within one (1) month of receiving the request. This deadline may be extended by two (2) months, in the event of a large number of particularly complex requests.

? : VODALYS, 6 rue du Quatre Septembre – 92130 ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX



Acting under its responsibility for data controller, the Company implements organizational and technical security measures designed to guarantee the privacy and integrity of your Personal Data.

Security measures for the Company’s operating and administrative environment: 

All Personal Data stored on the Company’s servers is protected by the following measures:

User environment security measures 

All Personal Data stored on the Company’s servers is protected by the following measures:

However, given the very nature of a public network such as the Internet, you hereby acknowledge and accept that the security and integrity of any Personal Data transmitted via the Internet cannot be guaranteed.

In the event of a security breach resulting in a violation of Personal Data, we shall inform you of the nature of the breach and any likely consequences resulting from it.

We undertake to promptly implement corrective measures and to notify the CNIL of the breach, unless the said breach is not likely to jeopardize the rights and civil liberties of natural persons, pursuant to the Applicable Regulations.

You acknowledge that your password protects your User Account and that it is necessary to choose a secure and unique password and to take all reasonable precautions to control or limit access to the terminals that allow access to your User Account (password, PIN code, logout after use, etc.).


The Company hosts and has your Personal Data hosted within the European Union.

If the processing and purposes referred to in Article 5 require the transfer of Personal Data outside the European Union, the Company will ensure that your Personal Data is suitably protected.  

All data transfers take place with recipients located:


We may modify our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any significant changes by sending a message that will be displayed when you log into your User Account, or by e-mail sent to the address supplied when you created your User Account, so that you can examine the modifications before they come into effect.

You may delete your User Account if you object to any such modifications.

If you continue to visit our Websites and/or use the User Account after we have published or sent a notification relating to modifications of our Privacy Policy, you shall be deemed to have unreservedly accepted the updated Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:


Under the GTS, the performance of the Services may involve one or more Personal Data processing operations on behalf of the User; where applicable, the terms and conditions of such processing by the Company are governed by Appendix 1 – DATA PROCESSOR.

Figure in the Appendix:  Appendix-Data_Processor