External Communication

Increase your Brand Awarness

Deliver stunning on-line experiences that reflect your company identity and reach your targets with strong and impacting messages for all your external communication events, from product launches to marketing
announcements !

The Vodalys’ enterprise live streaming platform is the preferred live external communication core solution of many major companies. It allows them to increase their business, build their brand awareness with engaging live video contents, and drive their strategies thanks to the analytics given in real time by the platform.

External Communication with Vodalys

Features that make a Difference

Broadcast-quality video

Mix on the fly any kind of media sources, on-stage panelists and remote speaker live video feeds, video files, logo, pictures, texts, slides and offer your online audience the best engaging experience through a broadcast-grade live video show.


Distribute your live content where your global audience is located by streaming simultaneously to any kind of social network and streaming platform.


Make your audience actively participate through Q&A, chat and live polls. Easily moderate the interactions with the audience through a dedicated function of the platform.

Automatic reports

Measure the performance of your live event and drive your strategy thanks to detailed real-time analytics given by the platform.

Branded event portal

Offer your teams a stunning on-line experience through a fully branded, multilingual and interactive video portal reflecting your company identity.

Worldwide CDN

Leverage the leading live streaming CDNs technology and secure your video delivery worldwide, including China, giving the best experience to your audience with low latency and multi quality live video streams.

Technology & interactivity

Engage your Audience

Thanks to Sparkup’s interactive and immersive video features integrated into Vodalys platform, Vodalys users are able to give attendees a front row, completely immersive seat, to watch livestreams and add like interactivity to shift passive viewing from active participation.

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