Public Plenaries

Transparency & Participation

The Vodalys’ enterprise live streaming platform is deployed by many municipalities and public or governmental institutions to communicate more openly and in total transparency toward the citizens they are representing.

The platform, providing live video doubled with interactivity features and on-line video content access, is a powerful tool to involve as many stakeholders as possible, civil servants, citizens and journalists, in key political decision-making, giving them speech and access to information.

Municipality public plenaries

Features that make a Difference

Peace of Mind

The Vodalys platform is easy to use even without any deep training. The support team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a weeks to help you in your operations and make sure the video services are always running perfectly.

Share information

The Vodalys solution includes an automatic video file indexing function allowing journalists, stakeholders or any citizen to easily find out the relevant information they are looking for.

Engage your citizens

Offer the best engaging on-line experiences to your citizens through a fully branded and interactive video portal with a perfect live video streaming quality.

Case Study

French Senate

For the past few years, the Vodalys video platform helps the French Senate to communicate openly and in total transparency toward the citizens the institution is representing by hosting all the video services of its web site.

The platform manages the live streaming and recording of all the plenary debates and the public commission meetings, and offers a video-on-demand portal giving access to the archived video files indexed with their agenda.

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