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Vodalys Studio

Your Professional Live Video Mixer

Unleash your creativity and produce stunning live video contents that engage your audience
Reach your global audience through your favorite social networks or any streaming service

Features that level up your event video

Media Sources

Use any kind of media sources

  • Ingest your local production RTMP or SRT feeds
  • Ingest multiple smartphones live streams with talkback management
  • Ingest Video conference streams such asTeams, Webex, Google meet or Zoom
  • Ingest Images, logo, video files and slideshows
  • Manage main&back up streams with automatic failover
Vodalys Studio media sources

Remote Guests

Seamlessly blend in-person speakers and remote guests

  • Easily integrate remote speakers live stream through a single web link sent by email
  • Offer your remote speakers a total immersive experience with the final program video return in high definition
Vodalys Studio Remote Speaker

Studio Mixer

Unleash your creativity and produce the most attractive live video content

  • Manage multi-sources layout (PIP, Quad)
  • Brand your live stream with your logo,
  • Add on the fly banners, scrolling texts and speaker titles
  • Add intro/outro jingles and graphic cards
  • Broadcast your slides with the Vodalys’ slideshow module integrating a topping mode
  • Define some configuration presets to ease on the fly scenes changes
Vodalys Studio video mixer

Stream Distribution

Distribute your live stream to your global audience

  • Broadcast your event to your preferred social networks (Youtube, facebook, Instagram,…)
  • Inject your live video stream into your company’s live event platform (Teams live event, Google meet,…)
  • Display in real time the video on local TV screens
  • Broadcast your live stream on Vodalys.Player for an enhanced private and secured event.

Video Recording

Record your live video production

  • Take advantage from a cloud-native video recorder in HD format
  • Easily create your video file in a few clicks with the Vodalys post-production tool.
  • Repurpose or re-distribute your video content
Vodalys Studio Record function

The Vodalys platform allows us to easily manage our virtual meetings, with a perfect integration to our streaming workflow

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