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All-in-one Enterprise Live Streaming Platform
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Gear up with the best-in-breed cloud-native live video studio and corporate video portal.


Blend in-person panelists, remote speakers or on-the-move contributors and let them participate, speak and interact seamlessly like they were all on-stage.


Create immersive events where in-personne attendees and virtual audience share simultaneously the same experience and interact the same way with the speakers or between themselves.


Produce your whole show remotely, create on the fly stunning live video contents, manage slide presentations and interact with the audience with moderated Q&A or polls.


Cloud-native live video mixer

Mix on the fly all your media sources, unleash your creativity and face easily the challenge of producing stunning live video content that engage your audience.

Reach your global audience through your favorite social networks or anykind of streaming services.

Vodalys Studio


Branded advanced web player

Offer the most engaging on-line live experience with a fully branded landing page supporting interactivity, multi-language audio, and multi-angle video bringing your remote audience closer to the in-person participants.

Deliver the best video experience by relying on CDN/eCDN technologies securing your video delivery and reducing the required bandwidth.

Vodalys Player


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Get the peace of mind that comes from getting help and support from our team before and during your live event.

Our service offer includes trainings, professional services and engineering, and 27/7 support.

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