11 April 2023

French Senate renews its trust in Vodalys

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The French Senate has extended its contract with Vodalys and its live streaming platform

Rennes, Paris – March 11th 2023 – Vodalys, a world leading provider of Enterprise Live Streaming Platform for hybrid or virtual live events, today announced that the Senate has renewed its trust in Vodalys by signing a new contract for its Live Streaming Platform.
For the past few years, the Vodalys video platform helps the French Senate to communicate openly and in total transparency toward the citizens the institution is representing by hosting all the video services of its web site. The platform manages the live streaming and recording of all the plenary debates and the public commission meetings, and offers a video-on-demand portal giving access to the archived video files indexed with their agenda.

In 2022 the platform has supported more than 600 live sessions, close to 2000 hours of live streaming, and half a million of VoD accesses.

«The Vodaly’s cloud streaming platform provides the French Senate with unparalleled efficiency and flexibility, which is pivotal to guarantee the essential political life information access to citizens», said Dominique Henninot, CEO of Vodalys. «This important responsibility highlights the performance of our company cloud-based video streaming technology and the expertise of our R&D and support teams which are continuously driven by our customers satisfaction.»

Laurent Garnier, Project Manager at Vodalys, said, «We are gratified not only to have won the French Senate’s confidence for its own installation, but to also have built a strong partnership with its team to help other public organizations with similar technical requirements.» 

Please visit videos.senat.fr/videos to access the French Senate live video and VoD archives.

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Vodalys offers a comprehensive enterprise live streaming platform composed of a cloud-based video studio and a professional web video portal.
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