30 April 2024

Mastering live streaming to China


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Mastering Live Streaming to China

Live Streaming to China

China currently represents almost 20% of the global population and boasts over 800 million internet users. It has evolved into an essential market for Western businesses.
Whether it’s a corporation seeking to broadcast an internal event to its Chinese employees or a brand targeting its Chinese clientele, the demand for live streaming directly to China is growing.

The challenges of streaming to China

While one might assume that a website universally grants access to events regardless of geographical location, this is not always the case, particularly in China. The stringent regulatory environment in the country poses significant barriers to streaming events within its borders.

The Chinese government, leveraging tools such as the “Great Firewall” or “Great Digital Wall,” maintains strict control over incoming video streams, necessitating tailored solutions for streaming into the country.

Live streaming an event to China with Vodalys

The Vodalys platform is equipped with the necessary technologies to navigate these challenges and ensure seamless event streaming to China.
Streaming video content to an international audience mandates the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN, consisting of thousands of servers, facilitates live content delivery to a large audience, supporting tens of thousands of simultaneous connections with fluidity and quality.
However, while leading CDNs used for global video streaming support broadcasting worldwide, they typically lack servers in China, leading to frequent territorial blocking of streams.
Successful streaming to China requires:

  • Deployment of servers within Chinese territory (Chinese CDN)
  • Possession of an ICP license permitting live content broadcasting in China
  • Provision of a video player compatible with the Chinese CDN

The Vodalys platform integrates technologies meeting these criteria, enabling direct streaming of video content tailored specifically to a Chinese audience. This comprehensive solution empowers Vodalys to ensure successful event broadcasting in China.